A “dietitian” or “dietician” is an expert in food and nutrition. Dietitians help promote good health through proper eating.
A software engineer is a person who applies the principles of software engineering to the design, development, testing, and evaluation of the software.
Source: *Wikipedia

What is it…

e-dietitian is a software application for managing dietitians/nutrionists office and is a product from a team of software engineers, developed for the professional dietitian!

  • Front desk and appointments monitoring / optimization.
  • Remote management option (work away from the office).
  • Full statistical data analysis.
  • Diet Planning.
  • Automatic SMS Text Messaging (appointment reminders, birthday wishes to clients etc.)
  • Managing of finances.
  • Robust Internet Integration.
  • Fully automated task implementation.
  • Multiuser, Bilingual (currently supporting Greek and English).
  • Dynamic printouts featuring html standards and PDF support.

e-dietitian is a must-have application for the professional dietitian/nutritionist.
It organizes, monitors and generally fully manages in a simple yet efficient way the appointments, the office’s tasks and clientele.
With the statistical data analysis that it offers, ensures top optimization of yours and your clients’ time!

Thank you for choosing e-Dietitian!

The software suite e-Dietitian is a digital download.

What this means?

There are 3 different versions of the suite: Basic, Standard and Premium. By clicking the “Buy Now” Paypal button for the version that better suits your needs, you will be transferred to Paypal’s secure environment (also for any Credit Card purchase).

After payment completion and verification, you will receive an email from us, (in the same email account you use for your Paypal), that will contain a direct download link along with your e-Dietitian registration details, which will be a user name and a serial number. If you don’t see this email within 5 minutes from the purchase, please make sure you also check your spam/junk mail folder in case the email is there.


You click on the direct download link to download the e-Dietitian suite, make sure your browser and/or antivirus software allows the downloaded setup file to be saved anywhere in your PC (ie. Desktop).

Double click on the setup file in order to appropriately install the e-Dietitian suite on your PC/Server. After the installation procedure and successful execution (for the first time), of the software suite, you will be prompted to enter your registration details (user name and serial number), which we suggest you just copy from the email you received and paste into the correct registration fields.


You can reach DataMax Group via email at info@datamax.gr, if the email is within our working business hours, we usually reply immediately.